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Experts in Gas Compressors – Intelligent and Professional Field Service

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  • Date: Q2 2019 - 2024
  • Customer: Evida North
  • Size: 4 years, 29 Compressor Stations
  • Value: Biogas Production Stability
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Digitized Technical Documentation System

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  • Date: Q4, 2019
  • Customer: Arla Foods Esbjerg
  • Size: 1000 hrs
  • Value: Client and Food authority
  • Life Cycle Engineering

    Are you implementing a preventive maintenance setup? Or are you on the migrating to a new site and want to make it right the first time with a minimum downtime? Let Juel + Krøyer help you in the process. Our Lifecycle Engineering department are ready.

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  • Operational Asset Management

    Juel + Krøyer offers 24/7 condition monitoring of your assets to ensure that they are always available when you need it. Our Operational Asset Management solution consists of maintenance technicians, maintenance leaders and engineering back office. Your technical organisation – reliability guaranteed!

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  • Asset Integrity Management

    The digitalization industry is packed with buzzwords and fluffed up indefinite goals. Despite this, for most service and production companies the area holds significant potential. Taking the buzz out of digitalization and building a pragmatic road to a new business model with our partners is a declared goal for Juel+Kroyer. Ready to start your journey?

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  • Operational Maintenance Support

    In the field, we are experts in completing the job within time, budget and reporting of findings. But to fulfill the circle our back-office support enables efficient analyses to provide root causes and actions needed for your organization create reliability instantly.

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Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Francis of Assisi
  • What we do

    At Juel+Krøyer we strive to be the preferred partner and leading expert within operational asset management and can make your maintenance world class.

    But what does it mean, and what is it exactly Juel+Krøyer do? We have tried to respond with a video where we present the 5 key areas we operate in (and everything in between) and what we can provide as a full-service partner.
    Please take a look, and feel free to give us a call if you find it interesting.

  • Technical Foundation

    Technical Foundation

    The technical foundation of any efficient O&M organization is based on the technical documentation. Ensuring the availability of physically validated and quality assured documentation is essential for achieving a steady and efficient workday for both engineers and technical staff.

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  • Technical Asset Management

    Technical Asset Management

    In order to stabilize your entire maintenance organization and set common goals so teams work together, and the maintenance employees can release their full potential. Technical Asset Management is with no doubt the needed approach.

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  • Spare Part Strategy & Management

    Spare Part Strategy & Management

    The solution to well planned and executed jobs that enhances the availability and maintainability of your assets is a well-founded and implemented spares strategy. By combining our many years of experience in the field with our engineering criticality approach we make sure that no item is missed.

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  • Project Execution & Field Service

    Project Execution & Field Service

    Inefficient project commissioning combined with missing hand-over to operational execution can put your organization in the risk of spinning out of control. Our many years of practical experience and back office support sets the perfect foundation to assist you in succeeding on a higher level. We are available 24/7 and deliver service worldwide.

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  • Studies & Training

    Studies & Training

    If increased asset reliability and availability is on your whish list, Juel + Krøyer's services within maintenance studies and training will assist you and your organization in reaching the goals. Through years of experience we have developed the JK FMECA™ and a pragmatic RCM approach.

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  • Master Data Management

    Master Data Management

    The struggle with data quality and master data governance are many and time wasted on data sorting is large. Juel + Krøyer’s 3C’s™ approach (Create, Change & Control) has been developed to ensure that your data will be ready to assist your organization in making the right trustworthy scalable decisions.

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  • Data Driven Maintenance

    Data Driven Maintenance

    Is data sorting a known issue to your maintenance organization and is the digital journey unclear? Juel +Krøyers approach to Data Driven Maintenance will ensure your Maintenance Management System is set up to support the big data handling, making reliable scalable decisions and prepare for future predictive maintenance solutions.

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  • SAP PM & MM Consultancy

    SAP PM & MM Consultancy

    Our experience shows that SAP in most cases is not fully or correctly implemented to match the client’s way of work, neither is the training of the employees sufficient. We offer solutions that will enable your maintenance organization to have SAP working for you and create business scaling opportunities.

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  • Rotating Equipment Service & Maintenance

    Rotating Equipment Service & Maintenance

    If your maintenance organization has an issue with rotating equipment, we promise to fix it for you. Our skilled personnel have many years of experience in different industries and has seen everything within rotating equipment categories such as centrifugal & reciprocating compressors, gas turbines, gears, motors, pumps and generators.

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Read Our Latest News

TEROTECH M Payoff Positiv

New name

We are happy to announce that Juel+Krøyer A/S soon will become Terotech A/S.


New Location

We are changing location to Adgangsvejen 9, 6700 within the coming weeks. A central location that symbolizes the fundamental values on which Juel+Krøyer is built: Professional maintenance ambitions and social cohesion.

A2X Meoh Syd

A2X Builds the world's largest eMethanol plant in Esbjerg

We are incredibly proud of taking the initiative through A2X, of delivering green fuel for the future of the shipping industry. In 2025, A2X will be ready with the worlds largest PtX plant producing green methanol.


A2X - A new partnership

We are happy to announce our new partnership with HYTOR Group and SubC Partner to establish A2X. This partnership has been created through years of working closely together. Through this collaboration we have build up the experience needed to be a great compatible and technical partner of the future in the Power-to-X industry.

ULP 8408 (3)

Sponsors of Team Rynkeby Vestjylland

We are proud to announce that we in 2021 are sponsoring Team Rynkeby Vestjylland. The team visited us the 8th of June as they were riding by our office during a training session. When the riders returned from their 62 km bike ride, we were ready with sandwiches, cake and beverages. All in all, it was a great day.

Logo Positive

New Identity

We have put in a lot of effort in advance of this release of our new brand and version of the company. Our branches has been merged into One Company. We have created a new logo that takes in the worlds digital transformation, but the origins from the old has been kept. Read more about our thoughts on the beginning of this new journey below.

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