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About Juel + Krøyer

About Juel + Krøyer

Juel+Krøyer are specialists and a full-service provider within operational asset management, work within this field and the processes related to it.

Our teams consist of maintenance engineers, technical assistants, planners, logistic experts, programmers and turbine and mechanical technicians. We are thus able to cover all aspects of the operational asset management portfolio. One point of contact for a holistic solution.

Our work consists of complex solutions for companies within various industries, such as marine, biogas and pharma. On this webpage we have tried to create an overview over the areas we operate in and some of the tasks we have experience with. If you find yourself having a problem within one of them, give us a call or send us an e-mail. There has not yet been a problem, or demand yet we couldn’t solve. A record we are proud of.

What you think we can do, we can. What you do not think we can, we can too.

We are based in Esbjerg Denmark, but we offer our services in all parts of Denmark.

About Juel + Krøyer
  • Our Values

    As with our WHY, the values that defines the culture of Juel + Krøyer are a product of all our employees and it has been essential that the values can embrace and facilitate the original meaning of Juel + Krøyer and the key elements of joy, quality, value and development.

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  • Vision & Mission

    From the beginning, it has always been our goal to be experts in Operational Asset Management (OAM). It is our fundamental belief that the potential within the industry of cost reduction, operation optimization, and greater performance due to better operational asset management can be used in ways to benefit all parts of society

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  • Technical Vision

    Our technical vision is the driver behind our strongest technical value propositions and is a clear visualization of our approach to move our clients in to the next level of maintenance moving from a reactive maintenance environment to a predictive.

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  • History

    The leap from good jobs to a title as entrepreneur was based on their common desire to do things differently and provide a service to move clients from reactive operational asset management to predictive operational asset management, thereby saving cost and increasing safety, performance, and reliability.

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  • Cases
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Read Our Latest News

TEROTECH M Payoff Positiv

New name

We are happy to announce that Juel+Krøyer A/S soon will become Terotech A/S.


New Location

We are changing location to Adgangsvejen 9, 6700 within the coming weeks. A central location that symbolizes the fundamental values on which Juel+Krøyer is built: Professional maintenance ambitions and social cohesion.

A2X Meoh Syd

A2X Builds the world's largest eMethanol plant in Esbjerg

We are incredibly proud of taking the initiative through A2X, of delivering green fuel for the future of the shipping industry. In 2025, A2X will be ready with the worlds largest PtX plant producing green methanol.


A2X - A new partnership

We are happy to announce our new partnership with HYTOR Group and SubC Partner to establish A2X. This partnership has been created through years of working closely together. Through this collaboration we have build up the experience needed to be a great compatible and technical partner of the future in the Power-to-X industry.

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Sponsors of Team Rynkeby Vestjylland

We are proud to announce that we in 2021 are sponsoring Team Rynkeby Vestjylland. The team visited us the 8th of June as they were riding by our office during a training session. When the riders returned from their 62 km bike ride, we were ready with sandwiches, cake and beverages. All in all, it was a great day.

Logo Positive

New Identity

We have put in a lot of effort in advance of this release of our new brand and version of the company. Our branches has been merged into One Company. We have created a new logo that takes in the worlds digital transformation, but the origins from the old has been kept. Read more about our thoughts on the beginning of this new journey below.

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