A maintenance optimization project for three highly critical power generation packages was conducted as one of the most comprehensive maintenance projects conducted by Juel + Krøyer to date.

A full maintenance environment project was conducted on three GT power generation units on an offshore platform in the North Sea. The project plan was planned – executed and delivered according to the JK Technical Vision. Our maintenance environment project comprises all of Our unique products and services.

  • Date: 2017
  • Customer: Maersk Oil
  • Size: 1900 hrs
  • Value: Increased Production Uptime

The project included an offshore inspection to validate and as-built the technical documentation and to set the basis for the technical hierarchy in SAP PM. Together with Our experts and client experts FMECA sessions were conducted. The methodology used was the JK FMECA ™. Maintenance and spare parts strategies are a direct product of the JK FMECA and Our systems engineers implemented them directly in the clients CMMS, SAP PM / SAP MM.

Condition monitor. A JK developed software that takes data from O&M software, collects it and integrates it with the task lists in SAP PM assisting the client in using the software to move from time-based to condition based maintenance. Our Machine Access Hub was developed and installed on client’s systems and gave each client employee direct access to documentation, O&M data, software, FMECA data and CMMS.


As in all Our projects, we conduct benchmarking after a period to highlight and assess the value of Our deliverables. Our deliverables for this project comprises:

  • Quality assured as-built technical documentation. Searchable and available.
  • Virtual tour of the unit skids. Full integration between tour and SAP PM and documentation.
  • A comprehensive technical hierarchy in SAP PM.
  • FMECA report, directly available through JK machine access hub. The evidence for why maintenance is conducted.
  • Task lists (preventive and corrective), maintenance items and maintenance plans – delivered directly in SAP PM and SAP MM.
  • Together with our field service division, we assisted with offshore execution and follow up on findings.
  • Machine Access Hub incl. condition monitor to always give the responsible engineer a live status of the current condition of the equipment.

Based on the first two years of operation the values generated by the project can be summarized to:

  • Time consumption on preventive and corrective maintenance, by offshore technicians, has been nearly cut in half.
  • Number of created corrective orders have been doubled, indicating a better reporting culture by the organization. This improves the maintenance history for future use.
  • Reliability has been increased by 4% on two generator units and remains unchanged on the third.
  • Availability has been increased by 6, 7 and 2% on the three units.
  • The number of maintenance related Synergies reported on the system has been reduced from 1.1 per year, to 0.
  • Customers net profit has been increased by DKK 1.912.000 per year.
  • Project Return On Investment: 359%.
  • Project Payback Period: 79 days
  • Asset Register - As-built Techincal Hierarchy

    The backbone of any maintenance management system is the asset register. To ensure everything from cost transparency between asset types and systems to equipment failure analysis. The as-built technical hierarchy in the system must be aligned with the physical installed assets – creating a simple easy to use digital twin.

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  • 360˚ Virtual Tour

    When clear visual representation of your inaccessible assets is needed in order to communicate and align tasks centered around critical equipment. The JK 360˚ Virtual Tour ™ is the solution for you. It is interactive and interactable with other maintenance management systems, such as SAP.

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  • RCM/FMECA Execution & Facilitation

    Efficient and reliability improving maintenance strategies is based on a proper RCM approach that is prepared and facilitated to match your maintenance organization. Thousand of hours of experience and expertise within RCM studies and FMECA facilitation will assist your RCM journey to be long term success.

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  • Maintenance Software Development

    We provide the software solution that will fit you needs. Our Maintenance Operator Machine Access Hub consist of multiple modules/apps which can be put together to cover your gaps and create an intuitive and user-friendly bridge to your existing systems.

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  • Maintenance Strategy Implementation

    To ensure a manageable feedback loop and transparent maintenance strategy set-up, it must be implemented in the CMMS in compliance with practical maintenance work procedure and the assets operational profiles. Our combination of theoretical and practical maintenance expertise ensures an efficient implementation.

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  • Rotating Equipment Service & Maintenance

    If your maintenance organization has an issue with rotating equipment, we promise to fix it for you. Our skilled personnel have many years of experience in different industries and has seen everything within rotating equipment categories such as centrifugal & reciprocating compressors, gas turbines, gears, motors, pumps and generators.

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