The projects were executed over a period of 5 weeks and all jobs finished within schedule, with no HSE findings and with immediate start-up.

For Shell Refinery Juel + Krøyer conducted, in cooperation with OEM, overhaul of:

  • Frame 5, 25 MW Gas Turbine
  • Void gearbox.
  • Accessor gearbox
  • Enclosure and exhaust system
  • Tomasson Compressor
  • MAN Turbo steam turbine
  • 25 MW Generator
  • Date: September 2017
  • Customer: Shell Refinery, Fredericia
  • Size: +3500 hrs
  • Value: Service Executed within Budget and on Time

J+K managed the job over a period of five weeks with a continuous staff of 15 persons. 24/7 J+K worked in close cooperation with Shell staff and OEM staff and acted as both leading job safety manager, liaison and technical expert on the equipment.

The jobs were conducted in connection with the Shell refinery’s turn around September/October 2017 with J+P personnel working in two shifts around the clock. The jobs were executed within time and the start-up of the machinery was done with no leakages or other “child sicknesses”.

A successful job where Juel+Krøyer again showed the value of including a team of dedicated staff to represent and manage the interests of the client in the job execution. The importance of having an independent “3rd” party contractor was clearly demonstrated in J+K personnel’s dedication to drive and solve all challenges that were faced throughout the project.

So in short J+K delivered:

  • Safety management.
  • Job management.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Support to OEM.
  • Client representative in the day-to-day work.
  • 24/7 back office support.
  • 24/7 problem solving.
  • Job completion, JKP scope, on time.
  • Ordering of spare parts, repair and fabrication services 24/7

  • Project Maturation

    Complex projects consist of many challenges which is known from the start and many that will occur during the execution phase. We have been through most scenarios and is available to support you in setting the best team, create common ground & goals and set the platform/culture for great project communication.

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  • Project Management

    If in need of temporary skilled personnel to manage projects of all sizes and complexity, we have the candidate ready to support your organization. Our teams have vast experience in handling on-site and back-office projects and is ready to deliver in order for you to reach your goals faster.

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Other cases

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Harald ME

Juel & Krøyers Technical Vision ™ and proven project method will create the technical foundation that your maintenance organization needs in order to obtain reliable uptime of your assets.

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Arla Foods Esbjerg

Ensuring as-built technical documentation is critical in many fundamental business processes, and an essential part of any industry with high compliance and safety requirements.

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Evida Nord

Juel+Krøyer have maintained and serviced Evida's Fornovo Gas biogas compressors. A niche expertise where high quality field service and back office engineering support is combined for optimal service.

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Juel+Krøyer develops customized software solutions for data and information management within technical organizations.

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Evida South

With the foundation in Juel+Krøyer’s Technical Vision, Evida built a preventive maintenance program for biogas compressor and BMR stations.


Kit Service

The synergies between Juel+Krøyer’s departments of maintenance engineering and fieldservice execute jobs in cooperation to give Our clients the optimal value.

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We are happy to announce that Juel+Krøyer A/S soon will become Terotech A/S.


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We are changing location to Adgangsvejen 9, 6700 within the coming weeks. A central location that symbolizes the fundamental values on which Juel+Krøyer is built: Professional maintenance ambitions and social cohesion.

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Sponsors of Team Rynkeby Vestjylland

We are proud to announce that we in 2021 are sponsoring Team Rynkeby Vestjylland. The team visited us the 8th of June as they were riding by our office during a training session. When the riders returned from their 62 km bike ride, we were ready with sandwiches, cake and beverages. All in all, it was a great day.

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New Identity

We have put in a lot of effort in advance of this release of our new brand and version of the company. Our branches has been merged into One Company. We have created a new logo that takes in the worlds digital transformation, but the origins from the old has been kept. Read more about our thoughts on the beginning of this new journey below.

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