Professional Asset Management – Reliable Equipment at Predictable Cost


Juel + Krøyer’s maintenance management concept takes maintenance of Your assets to the next level. It is increased reliability and uptime of your facilities at a predictable low cost. With J+K MM you get a full software package, professional engineering/maintenance personnel and 24/7 condition monitoring of Your equipment.

During the last two decades, ZPD A/S has been world leading in the production of Sodium Chondroitin Sulphate. The company has succeeded to stay in front of its competition, by continuously innovating on the production facilities and the processes in the organization. Driven by a constant ambition to be the best in all aspects of the production, be it process control, quality management, logistic or operation and maintenance, ZPD ensures high quality yields.

  • Date: 2019 - Ongoing
  • Customer: ZPD A/S
  • Size: 16 months +
  • Value: GMP compliant organisation

Frank Marek, CEO ZPD A/S: “During 2018 we in the management team realized that making asset management a strategic element in our company was central to taking our performance to an even higher level. We therefore reached out to Juel + Krøyer to hear more about their Maintenance Management concept. After a few meetings, they were onboard as a central advisor and executing partner”

J+K’s Maintenance Management concept focusses on three central elements, which all have to function optimally in order to take asset management to the next level – an intelligent, data driven but pragmatic maintenance setup that gives you another competitive edge. The three elements are:

  • The employees – culture
  • The systems – digitalization and data
  • The processes – support to employees and optimal utilization of system data

The ultimate goal is that the system and processes are structured in order to support the employees in their daily activities.

Frank Marek, CEO ZPD A/S: “The unique about Juel + Krøyer’s Maintenance Management concept is that they supply a full solution. A holistic service where we as a company leases uptime and J+K supplies the IT solution, master data build, work process and executes the tasks of getting our employees onboard.”

The expertise of J+K are developed to match all asset management aspects of a technical organization. This means that Our solutions and advisory are designed to match all levels and functions in Your organization – service technicians to management.

The experiences from the cooperation between ZPD and Juel + Krøyer has proven very beneficent and resulted in an even more stable production in the factory. Production Responsible Kenneth Muhlig reports:

“After Juel + Krøyer has taken over the management of maintenance assignments and introduced continuous monitoring of our equipment, I have experienced a more stable production and fast response during high priority corrective tasks. Reporting from J+K is concise, open and direct in any phase of the job process, which assures me that the task is managed appropriately and in high quality.

Juel + Krøyer ensures that all corrective and preventive maintenance tasks are managed digitally. So, for the future, I expect a more customized and condition-based maintenance setup ensuring higher production availability at lower costs. All maintenance decision will thus be based on history and collected data – a proper start on Our way to predictive maintenance.

I can give Juel + Krøyer my clearest recommendations. They execute their work professionally, are available 24/7, efficient and ensures that the root cause is identified and corrected.”

Frank Marek, CEO ZPD A/S: “In Juel + Krøyer we have gotten a “one-stop” partner within asset management. In stead of contracting an advisor, an IT specialist and technical service provider, we have gotten it all in one collective package. With fixed, predicable costs, higher uptime and a more balanced work day as a consequence.”

Feel free to reach out to hear more about what we can assist you with.

  • Technical Asset Management

    In order to stabilize your entire maintenance organization and set common goals so teams work together, and the maintenance employees can release their full potential. Technical Asset Management is with no doubt the needed approach.

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  • Project Execution & Field Service

    Inefficient project commissioning combined with missing hand-over to operational execution can put your organization in the risk of spinning out of control. Our many years of practical experience and back office support sets the perfect foundation to assist you in succeeding on a higher level. We are available 24/7 and deliver service worldwide.

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  • Data Driven Maintenance

    Is data sorting a known issue to your maintenance organization and is the digital journey unclear? Juel +Krøyers approach to Data Driven Maintenance will ensure your Maintenance Management System is set up to support the big data handling, making reliable scalable decisions and prepare for future predictive maintenance solutions.

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Juel+Krøyer develops customized software solutions for data and information management within technical organizations.


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