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Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Condition based maintenance is an optimal way of increasing reliability and availability for your assets. Being able to reach that level you need to know what to look for and have it presented within a few clicks. Our equipment expertise and Condition Monitoring tool will provide a tailored solution to fit your needs.

Our Condition Monitoring tool fits in any organizations IT landscape and can be easily implemented. We have the IT experts to combine our tool with your already existing databases and create the solution you can rely on. The process to go through before the actual implementation can happen is to scope what assets you need to monitor and how to be able to listen to them.

Most systems today does not actual listen to what the data from measuring devices tells about the operating state of the asset. In by far most cases the measuring device only has an alarm or shut down function.

What we do is to analyze the data and define a model that is build on the historical measuring data. What is the normal operating level and at what deviations do we need to be informed in order to react within enough time plan? That is the key aspect of our service and solution. Subject of expertise:

  • Compressor, pump and turbine performance
  • Vibration abnormalities
  • Temperature deviations
  • Process pressure demands
  • Lube oil parameters

The condition monitoring tool is a no SLA product and after implementation you own it and key parameters can be changed by you according to your process needs if necessary. Our solution is simple, effective and it actual listens to your asset.  

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