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Maintenance Software Development

Maintenance Software Development

We provide the software solution that will fit you needs. Our Maintenance Operator Machine Access Hub consist of multiple modules/apps which can be put together to cover your gaps and create an intuitive and user-friendly bridge to your existing systems.

The solution, MOMAH, is intended to function as the everyday one-point of contact and bridge to all information your personnel needs in order to perform their function in your maintenance organization. Additionally, it is programmed and build to fit your needs and way of work by the existing modules and potential customized functions if needed.

We make sure to assess your needs and define the end result together with you before implementation kick-off. The MOMAH platform consist of the following modules which can be put together in any combination to match your business:

We of cause offer to carry out continuous support to our solution, but it is a no license fee product. When implemented, it is yours year after year. The MOMAH solution will provide an intuitive access to your maintenance systems and create that one point of IT contact for every maintenance employee and create a more effective work day for many in your organization. This will free time to focus on further continuous improvement measures and excel your business even more.  

Affiliated Services:
  • Documentation Interfaces

    In critical and stressed scenarios where the right technical documentation is needed immediately. Our Intuitive Documentation Interfaces is constructed to ensure fast navigation and save time in the job planning phase. The solution integrates fully with any existing documentation management system.

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  • Condition Monitoring

    Condition based maintenance is an optimal way of increasing reliability and availability for your assets. Being able to reach that level you need to know what to look for and have it presented within a few clicks. Our equipment expertise and Condition Monitoring tool will provide a tailored solution to fit your needs.

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  • RCM/FMECA Execution & Facilitation

    Efficient and reliability improving maintenance strategies is based on a proper RCM approach that is prepared and facilitated to match your maintenance organization. Thousand of hours of experience and expertise within RCM studies and FMECA facilitation will assist your RCM journey to be long term success.

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  • 360˚ Virtual Tour

    When clear visual representation of your inaccessible assets is needed in order to communicate and align tasks centered around critical equipment. The JK 360˚ Virtual Tour ™ is the solution for you. It is interactive and interactable with other maintenance management systems, such as SAP.

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