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When you need us, we are there. There will be no quick implementation and leaving your organization to yourself. We provide the full package to all of our services and will advise for the benefit of your organization and be your most trusted maintenance service provider and advisor.

Servitization is the transformation from being a primarily a product supplier to becoming a provider of services connected to those products.

We can assist you in achieving that scalable and ideal business option for your organization by getting to know you and your business. We offer solutions that is product specific and several services that all support our product for enhances value propositions. Our servitization support to you is therefor based on hands-on practical experienced. Combined with our digitalization expertise we are certain that we can do great things together.

Our main focus is always to close product, service or feedback loops for continuous improvements and never fall into a static state where your business is not evolving and serving a greater good for you and the society.

Our product, services and advisory covers the following major aspect within servitization:

Affiliated Services:
  • Lifecycle Asset Management

    A cradle-to-cradle approach to your Technical Asset Management and the clarity of a lifecycle view can be difficult to comprehend. Our highly skilled advisors and back office engineers offers the full palette in managing assets from design and commissioning to modifications and maintaining and at the end decommissioning.

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  • Organisational Asset Management Analysis

    Your Technical Asset Management systems must fit your organizations way of work and common goals, not the other way around. We conduct an effective as-is analysis of your system and together with you we set the to-be changes and goals.

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  • Operational Maintenance Processes

    To succeed in having your operational aspect of the organizations maintenance management system working for you. The actual work processes and flows must be implemented in the system to support the technicians in the field and the back office for being able to conduct continuous improvement.

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  • Asset Management by Contract

    JK Maintenance Management™ is our full-service concept to you. We bring you world class maintenance at low capital investment. We implement a state-of-the-art maintenance management system and monitor your equipment 24/7-365 – so you can focus on taking care of your business.

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