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Master Data Management

Master Data Management

The struggle with data quality and master data governance are many and time wasted on data sorting is large. Juel + Krøyer’s 3C’s™ approach (Create, Change & Control) has been developed to ensure that your data will be ready to assist your organization in making the right trustworthy scalable decisions.

We have the expertise and knowledge within maintenance theory, equipment/processes and systems/software to know what and why the data is relevant and where to put it.

Our services spans from the development and creation of master data governance & standardization, over the actual optimization and data handling in your system to analysis of your data and finally we offer to manage your data at a fixed cost. The 3C’s is applied when setting the governing documents and processes but also when we execute our master data projects for any client. It is our tool to secure the best product and delivery to your organization.


Master Data Process Optimization
Does your system support asset or equipment responsible and are those matched up against workflows that supports the Create, Change & Control of your master data? We offer to conduct, in collaboration with your key personnel, an As-Is Analysis of your organizations master data processes, roles and responsibilities and the business processes in general to understand and set-up an optimal To-Be solution. This solution will enable your organization to become effective in handling the ever-changing asset master data. It is crucial to address master data as dynamic and not a steady state environment to get the most out of your assets in the long-term perspective. Combined with our other services your organization will receive the full package needed to succeed:

Master data can be the key to the release of full potential in your business or set critical business limitation if not managed correctly.


Master Data Management by Contract
The 3C’s is Create – Change – Control, and is what we center our master data projects around whether it is handling actual master data or define the Governance & Standardization of it.

By setting up a clear communication channel to us and define the needed Master Data Process Optimization we offer the support to your organization by handling your master data in compliance with your master data Governance & Standardization. This will ensure that the master data is up to date and does not become a static environment. It will instantly free time for your employees and use that to focus on further business optimizations and in the long-term perspective base decision on correct master data that is always trustworthy. 


Master Data Consistency Analysis
An impartial analysis and inspection of your master data is often what is needed to take the master data handling to the next level. We have been involved in major master data projects where a Gap and Consistency Analysis defines the needed scope for the project. This scope could both be within the actual master data handling and optimization, but also within master data fundamental, such as Governance & Standardization and Master Data Process Optimization. We always provide the needed and true advisory to your organization when handling the master data and ensure the needed initiatives for optimal master data success has been clearly communicated. We are experts within the execution of master data projects and know what it takes to succeed in the long-term run.


Master Data Management
  • Governance & Standardization

    Your master data can do more harm than good if not managed properly. This comprehends a governance and standardization set-up to box in your data for it to assist your business and being relevant. Your master data describing document portfolio must ensure correct creation, change and control of master data.

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  • Bill of Material Optimization & Creation

    Often a data model of an asset gets unstructured and impossible to gain advantages from. It must represent your as-built assets to efficiently give you the insight in which materials is used where to conclude a proper spares strategy and assist in identification of spare parts. We have the approach and proven method to implement the model suited for you.

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  • Maintenance Data Classification & Characteristics

    A well-designed classification and characteristic system that fits your maintenance organization and describes your maintenance objects will set the foundation for future optimizations, create more profit and enable an accurate predictive maintenance set-up.

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