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Bill of Material Optimization & Creation

Bill of Material Optimization & Creation

Often a data model of an asset gets unstructured and impossible to gain advantages from. It must represent your as-built assets to efficiently give you the insight in which materials is used where to conclude a proper spares strategy and assist in identification of spare parts. We have the approach and proven method to implement the model suited for you.

Our services within Stock & Spare Part Optimization determines which and how many materials must be stocked to secure optimum availability and maintainability along with the needed material numbers created for the system for possible future purchasing. Our service and advisory within Bill of Material Optimization & Creation is implemented to the most efficient set-up in your computerized maintenance management system, CMMS.

Your material numbers should be related to the asset references in the CMMS and be structured in a technical representation. This ensures more effective material number identification and the possibility of a well founded and optimized spare part strategy. For complex assets the CMMS contains several thousands of unique material numbers. To organize those, it takes practical system usage knowledge and technical expertise within the asset type to succeed.

Combined with our services within Maintenance Data Classification & Characteristics we deliver the complete set-up for your to profit on optimized stock capital, less waste time on the identification of materials and tools, better planning and a digital model that assists your business.

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