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Governance & Standardization

Governance & Standardization

Your master data can do more harm than good if not managed properly. This comprehends a governance and standardization set-up to box in your data for it to assist your business and being relevant. Your master data describing document portfolio must ensure correct creation, change and control of master data.

Our master data processors have the practical and theoretical experience needed to assist or fully deliver a useful and manageable master data Governance & Standardization set-up your organization.

We center our set-up on the 3 C’s of master data, which is Create – Change – Control. Your organization must have a standardized way of creating the data, the right processes for changing the data and the knowledge and business understanding to control it correctly.

This is also the way we conduct master data projects in-house. Our team creates master data based on your demands and needs. The team will make sure a suitable ENS (Engineering Numbering System) is in place for every delivery based on existing governance or governance that is adjusted or created in advance.

To be able to change data it’s always needed for the team to analyze the current use of the master data implied for change to make sure not to conflict with other processes. This means that the foundation for correct master data change is reviewed and understood in regard to your possible existing governance, guidelines and procedures.

The main focus in any project is that your master data must be business relevant and create value to your operation. Any organization must address what your master data are to cover for your business and ensure good data quality. The master data must be easily available without any waste in data sorting and assist the organization in making scalable decisions. To achieve that it takes a great system set-up, supported by well defined processes and workflow, which has the employees trust. The employees are the ones to drive the quality and use of master data and therefore they must be taught and educated to comply with your business needs.

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