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Maintenance Data Classification & Characteristics

Maintenance Data Classification & Characteristics

A well-designed classification and characteristic system that fits your maintenance organization and describes your maintenance objects will set the foundation for future optimizations, create more profit and enable an accurate predictive maintenance set-up.

Your computerized maintenance management system, CMMS, must be set-up to fit asset types and the specific object they consist of. To do so, your organization must be able to label each object with classes that differentiates the actual equipment. A compressor is not just a compressor when it comes to Maintenance Data Classification & Characteristics. If your assets consist of multiple compressors a class set-up could look like the following:

  • Compressors
    • Centrifugal Compressors
      • Centrifugal Compressor, Type A
      • Centrifugal Compressor, Type B
    • Reciprocating Compressors
      • Reciprocating Compressor, Type A
      • Reciprocating Compressor, Type B

Each bullet above represents a class. The above example of a class hierarchy within one major equipment class gives your organization the possibility of assigning different data to each class. This data is often important equipment characteristic specifics relevant for the given class, which is important to assign in your governing system, most likely the CMMS.

The main benefits from implementing a similar set-up as the above for all your objects, which could be valves, motor, pumps, gears, instruments etc., is the possibility of comparing objects precisely for optimization purposes. This set-up minimizes data sorting when for example comparing failure data, it will therefore be possible to analyze the correct failure cause efficiently without data noise. Likewise, general master data updates and changes is correctly addressed.

Furthermore, this set-up combined with an As-Built Technical Hierarchy provides the crucial foundation for successful Data Driven Maintenance & Predictive Maintenance environment. If your system consist of bad or incorrect data the comparison of data will mislead your organization in making the correct decisions.

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