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Operational Asset Management

Operational Asset Management

Juel + Krøyer offers 24/7 condition monitoring of your assets to ensure that they are always available when you need it. Our Operational Asset Management solution consists of maintenance technicians, maintenance leaders and engineering back office. Your technical organisation – reliability guaranteed!

Juel+Krøyer are experts in maintenance and have an ambition to elevate the area to a recognized discipline, both in operational context but also as a technical discipline. From here, the term Operational Asset Management (OAM) is created. OAM embraces the strategic importance of Asset Management, but also with a focus on the fact that it must live in companies, it must be operational. Juel+Krøyer is Denmark's most complete partner within OAM and our OAM department will and must be the most complete technical partner for your production. The organization of the optimal technique.

The potential of treating operational asset management as a strategic business element holds significant potential and gives direct bottom line value. With Juel+Krøyer’s operational asset management concept you get a partner that can take maintenance, reliability and availability of your facilities to the next level.

With Juel+Krøyer’s maintenance management concept we provide you with a comprehensive solution built and developed on our expertise from working with multinational companies, such as Total and Shell. The J+K operational asset management solution provides you with a professional and robust maintenance organisation at a fixed monthly rate. Giving you the predictability and operational uptime, you require. The entire expertise of Juel+Krøyer collected in one solution.

J+K’s operational asset management concept focusses on three central elements, which all must function optimally in order to take asset management to the next level – an intelligent, data driven but pragmatic maintenance setup that gives you another competitive edge. The three elements are:

  • The employees – culture
  • The systems – digitalization and data
  • The processes – support to employees and optimal utilization of system data

The ultimate goal: Is that the system and processes are structured in order to support the employees in their daily activities.

Therefore, the operational asset management setup comprises (or can comprise):

With an entire operational asset management organisation behind the setup, you and your assets are ensured the optimal support – 24/7. Technical execution inspiration can be read here.

Since the setup is based on a fixed monthly fee, once it is implemented, the cost driver for you and for us, is to make the asset as reliable as possible. So, a common interest to build our partnership on.

Let us ensure your assets’ reliability so you can focus on production.


Juel + Krøyer’s Maintenance Management concept is your gateway to a professional maintenance organisation, predictable cost and reliable uptime.

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