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The handover of an asset from the constructor to your organization is essential to occur within agreements and to match your business operation for future reliability. Our technical team can support the process and free your time when a large number of crucial tasks bundle together upon project closures.

Successful commissioning comes down to thorough planning and execution were all safety hazards has been accounted, but also all the definition of key performance indicators of the process. Delays often occurs when a sufficient amount of unplanned issues occurs along the project period, that all together results in expensive delays. Both for contractor and asset owner.      

We provide the service your organization needs to keep the overview of the entire process by taking care of the fundamental and allow you to focus on the key performance indicator defined for the success of that specific commissioning.

The risk assessment is not a one-time task at the beginning of the process. It is a continuously task that needs attention along the entire commissioning process when new knowledge and input arises.