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Maintenance Execution

Maintenance Execution

Our maintenance execution begins at the office preparing everything in detail. Our technicians and engineers work closely together to prepare the job and ensure that spare parts are fully available in fit condition, along with documentation and tooling. We deliver within time and budget.

The driver behind our field service technicians is a desire to deliver the best independent service to our customers by minimizing the gap between technicians, back-end engineers and advisors where important knowledge is often lost.

We are available 24/7 and can deliver service technicians worldwide. Our portfolio of employees is ready at short notice and will travel to e.g. yard stays, onshore facilities or offshore… whenever and wherever this is required.

With our field service personnel, you get a crew that is dedicated and put safety and their integrity above all other.

  • They are proactive and interested
  • They integrate excellent in teams, with both OEM and client crew
  • They understand the importance of the job and how it affects You
  • The live to the trust they are shown
  • They take pride in delivering a comprehensive and high-quality job
  • They look outside their scope and take the necessary actions if required

Combined with our proven methods within services such as Kit Service, Fit for Purpose Management, HSEQ Field Management  and our Equipment Service & Maintenance  skills, we guarantee that our service will Create Reliability in the Field.

Affiliated Services:
  • Kit Service

    A well-prepared maintenance job of your most critical assets starts with easily accessible and job specific designed kit solution. We make the spares and tools kits, so they fit the personnel and job they are designed for and we integrate the solution in the clients’ CMMS e.g. SAP – so the solution is holistic and transparent.

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  • Fit for Purpose Management

    The benefits of quality assurring your job preparation are significant and will save time and availability when on site for the execution. Our skilled technician has an eye for the details and knows which parts and tools must be available in fit condition.

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  • HSEQ Field Management

    The prediction and management of risk in the field when executing or supervising a maintenance service job is within many industries their license to even conduct the service. We offer the expertise to handle your HSEQ in the field and be the impartial party that ensures that license to operate.

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  • Rotating Equipment Service & Maintenance

    If your maintenance organization has an issue with rotating equipment, we promise to fix it for you. Our skilled personnel have many years of experience in different industries and has seen everything within rotating equipment categories such as centrifugal & reciprocating compressors, gas turbines, gears, motors, pumps and generators.

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  • Operational Maintenance Support

    In the field, we are experts in completing the job within time, budget and reporting of findings. But to fulfill the circle our back-office support enables efficient analyses to provide root causes and actions needed for your organization create reliability instantly.

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