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Mechanical Completion

Mechanical Completion

In the terms of Juel + Krøyer, Mechanical Completion, is when the commissioning of your asset is in place, the engineering specification is validated, the asset has been properly handed over to the operation and it has been verified that the asset can fulfill its function. We ensures that the asset is reliable from day 0.

We strive to make sure the transition from the commissioning and mechanical completion to a reliable operation is accomplished without any complication during the process or unexpected fall pits in the long-term perspective. Our services within this discipline conducted by a team that possess the needed practical and engineering expertise. We know how the equipment behaves and function, and we know what it takes to fulfill a reliable operational environment for your asset by assuring that:

  • Equipment meets the design engineering specifications
  • Technical documentation is as-built validated
  • Security and change out spare part readily available on stock
  • Possible tooling accounted for
  • Maintenance program implemented according to client strategy and possible supplier guarantee
  • Any need for operational training upgrades of key personnel

Let us be your trusted lead mechanical completion advisor and managing partner and you will have time freed to assure all other aspects of the project to operational hand over. Together we will create the most optimal reliability environment of your newly acquired asset and minimize the risk of infant mortality.