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Project Management

If in need of temporary skilled personnel to manage projects of all sizes and complexity, we have the candidate ready to support your organization. Our teams have vast experience in handling on-site and back-office projects and is ready to deliver in order for you to reach your goals faster.

Our highly experienced personnel have vast experience within back-office engineering and on-site projects. We know what it takes from engineer at the computer and from the technician in the field to succeed. The many synergies between the personnel profiles gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best combined knowledge within maintenance engineering and execution to drive any project successfully for the most optimum value within budget and time.

We have the holistic skills to ensure the project will succeed in your organization by involving our communication and advisory skills with your key personnel within the processes and procedures you operate by in your maintenance management system. Likewise, we emphasize that the employees in your organization whom will be affected by possible changes to their everyday work life is introduced to project deliverables and is trained accordingly. We are not just in to deliver a one-time effort and result, we desire to help you succeed in the long term run.

Internal and external project management experience for up to 6000+ hours large projects has given us the know how to deliver and manage the project by always:

  • Align and communicate roles and responsibilities
  • Align client progress and financial reporting expectations
  • Ensure technical quality
  • Follow internal quality assurance processes (ISO 9001)
  • Report any non-conformances
  • Ensure clear and effective communication within the project team and stakeholders
  • Report major scope of work deviations
  • Ensure nothing that does not create value for our client is delivered – we downsize the scope and cost if the value proposition is not present

Keeping safety as the number one priority.