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Project Maturation

Complex projects consist of many challenges which is known from the start and many that will occur during the execution phase. We have been through most scenarios and is available to support you in setting the best team, create common ground & goals and set the platform/culture for great project communication.

We utilize practical experience and constant focus on value and our clients’ requirements to deliver the highest quality possible targeted at your needs. Our team of employees have practical experience from various industries and with different expertise, so we understand the challenges you are facing and have the solution you require.

The team consist of engineers, technical assistants, programmers and software specialists and we are thus able to offer you holistic and comprehensive advisory and the maintenance and integrity solutions you desire.

We have the personnel to set a full project team or provide key expert profiles to compliment your project organization. We always strive to mature any project no matter the size by doing in depth pre-analysis and use our TERO-5 approach for successful team communication:

  1. Understanding the Task
  2. Resources
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Planning
  5. Execution

Check out the model below for detailed information.

TERO-5 for Successfull Team Communication

TERO-5 for Successfull Team Communication