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SAP PM & MM Consultancy

SAP PM & MM Consultancy

Our experience shows that SAP in most cases is not fully or correctly implemented to match the client’s way of work, neither is the training of the employees sufficient. We offer solutions that will enable your maintenance organization to have SAP working for you and create business scaling opportunities.

Juel + Krøyer are ready to stand by you in your SAP implementation or SAP clean-up project. We have conducted several thousands of hours for our clients within this field, and it is our expertise to the fingertips. We have the methods to efficiently get to know your way of work and conduct a thorough assessment that will define plan for your optimization needs.

On top of that we have the expertise to take your practical work processes and implement them in the system along with the needed master data to support it. We can ensure that your organization use of different maintenance systems can be centered around SAP and be a time saver for your organization. Furthermore, our training program makes sure the initiatives are there to last and is driven by the employees to a continuous improvements.  


SAP PM & MM Implementations & Advisory
The reason why SAP solutions fail to fulfill the systems full potential and thereby also your business, is that the implementation is not completed in accordance to your business process. We have the best SAP advisors whom are experts within configuration and implementation, but also know how to match it with your business.

The Plant Maintenance and Material Management modules goes hand in hand in order to achieve a great maintenance environment where continuous improvements is possible along with effective daily operation of your business.

The PM module implementation typically consist of the following:

  • Technical objects created accordance to governance
  • No gap between the physical assets and systems representation thereof, As-built Technical Hierarchy
  • Classification & Characteristics match your equipment needs
  • Maintenance Strategies implemented with transparency
  • Failure reporting set-up to match asset types and your way of work
  • End result matches the need of the users. Your employees is the customers of the system
  • Operational profiles and criticality assigned to technical objects

The MM module implementation typically consist of the following:

When the foundation of the above is ready and implemented your organization must ensure the SAP Workflows & Processes match your operation and invest in your employees whom must drive the processes by having them trained and tested continuously.


SAP PM & MM Consultancy
  • SAP Master Data Alignment

    If your SAP master data is not aligned in accordance with governance and standardization, your system and data will not assist the reliability of your assets sufficiently. We are expert within master data alignment and can assist your organization in the execution phase and/or the management of your master data project.

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