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SAP Master Data Alignment

SAP Master Data Alignment

If your SAP master data is not aligned in accordance with governance and standardization, your system and data will not assist the reliability of your assets sufficiently. We are expert within master data alignment and can assist your organization in the execution phase and/or the management of your master data project.

Due to our many years of experience with SAP we know how to effectively work with the data tables SAP provides and align the data in accordance with your governance and standardization. Our specialist has conducted large master data project for a number of clients and has the capabilities to see the project in a holistic view that takes your business operation into consideration. We do not just work with data, we do it with reliability in mind. Your data must:

  • Provide value and be business relevant, i.e. to assist scalable decisions
  • Be structured by Governance & Standardization
  • Define what to cover, i.e. failure codes, failure causes, compliance, safety, etc.
  • Be of good quality


SAP Workflow/Process Optimization
Efficient data processing in SAP has to correspond to the real-life business actions your organization does and should be supported by well-defined processes and workflow responsibilities in the SAP system. We have the expertise to adapt and optimize your business into standard SAP. It must never be the other way around.
To be effective in implementing the correct workflows and processes for your business in SAP you must carry out 2 main steps:

  • Map and define the processes your business execute that are to be supported by SAP. This includes a comprehensive map of employee roles and responsibilities in each step of each process.
  • Configure the processes into SAP workflow and thereby let the system support each employee in doing the right things in the right order.


SAP PM & MM Reliability Assessment
You need to act if your SAP PM/MM set-up is blocking your reliability optimization possibilities. Our proven approach to assess your existing set-up and design an effective plan that enable your SAP system to work for you towards higher reliability of your assets. The assessment will be tailored to your needs but will mainly consist of the following:

  • Is the technical foundation in place, i.e. as-built asset register and its needed content?
  • Does the spare part strategy and logistics match your business?
  • Which and how is the maintenance processes supported by the system?
  • Are roles and responsibilities mapped to ensure equipment ownership and technical assurance?
  • Does the system imply the lack of training and education of the maintenance personnel?
  • How useful is the maintenance data?

We guarantee a plan that will, if followed, will create a system optimization that will increase the availability and reliability of your assets.


SAP User Training/Smart Learning
To succeed with SAP in your organization, training of the employees is vital. The basic must be taught to all and in addition the specific requirements for each job function must be tailored to match your business processes. Our SAP experts knows how to easily and effectively teach the basics and design programs to match your business needs.
All our training program kick-offs with an analysis of your needs and as-is SAP user level to define the best suited training and SAP educational program for your organization and the different personnel groups. We tailor our sessions to match the job function the participants executes. There is no need to get into an SAP maintenance plan specific details for a person in the purchasing and logistic department.


SAP Scripts
System landscapes often gets too messy and the overlap between several system is unnecessary. Some even does the exact same thing. By clearing out of those overlapping and duplicate system and connecting the ones possible into your governing system, SAP, you will get the most out of your system intelligently.

We know how to configure and connect the dots between software and make sure your time wasted in an overwhelming systems landscape is minimized. Most maintenance workers do not embrace the time spent in systems and their skills is most effective when used practical at the equipment. We know to set up the solution you need to free up time for the employees at the office and in the field.

Affiliated Service:
  • Governance & Standardization

    Your master data can do more harm than good if not managed properly. This comprehends a governance and standardization set-up to box in your data for it to assist your business and being relevant. Your master data describing document portfolio must ensure correct creation, change and control of master data.

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