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SAP PM & MM Implementations & Advisory

SAP PM & MM Implementations & Advisory

The reason why SAP solutions fail to fulfill the systems full potential and thereby also your business, is that the implementation is not completed in accordance to your business process. We have the best SAP advisors whom are experts within configuration and implementation, but also know how to match it with your business.

The Plant Maintenance and Material Management modules goes hand in hand in order to achieve a great maintenance environment where continuous improvements is possible along with effective daily operation of your business.

The PM module implementation typically consist of the following:

  • Technical objects created accordance to governance
  • No gap between the physical assets and systems representation thereof, As-built Technical Hierarchy
  • Classification & Characteristics match your equipment needs
  • Maintenance Strategies implemented with transparency
  • Failure reporting set-up to match asset types and your way of work
  • End result matches the need of the users. Your employees is the customers of the system
  • Operational profiles and criticality assigned to technical objects

The MM module implementation typically consist of the following:

When the foundation of the above is ready and implemented your organization must ensure the SAP Workflows & Processes match your operation and invest in your employees whom must drive the processes by having them trained and tested continuously.

Affiliated Services:
  • Asset Register - As-built Techincal Hierarchy

    The backbone of any maintenance management system is the asset register. To ensure everything from cost transparency between asset types and systems to equipment failure analysis. The as-built technical hierarchy in the system must be aligned with the physical installed assets – creating a simple easy to use digital twin.

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  • Maintenance Data Classification & Characteristics

    A well-designed classification and characteristic system that fits your maintenance organization and describes your maintenance objects will set the foundation for future optimizations, create more profit and enable an accurate predictive maintenance set-up.

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  • Material Classification & Codification

    When preparing spare parts the correct data structure and information must be readily available to ensure correct handling and application of the spare part for your equipment. This is ensured by our broad industry and equipment knowledge.

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  • Stock & Spare Part Optimization

    A well founded stock and spare part strategy is a must have in order to obtain the best possible maintainability of your assets. Our equipment and process knowledge assesses the criticality of the equipment in its content and concludes the needed mitigation strategy.

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  • Supply Chain Advisory

    Availability of your assets and individual equipment can be increased by analyzing the supply chain logistics. Our great experience in job preparing both onshore and offshore can point out optimization possibilities for your supply chain.

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  • Bill of Material Optimization & Creation

    Often a data model of an asset gets unstructured and impossible to gain advantages from. It must represent your as-built assets to efficiently give you the insight in which materials is used where to conclude a proper spares strategy and assist in identification of spare parts. We have the approach and proven method to implement the model suited for you.

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  • SAP Workflow/Process Optimization

    Efficient data processing in SAP has to correspond to the real-life business actions your organization does and should be supported by well-defined processes and workflow responsibilities in the SAP system. We have the expertise to adapt and optimize your business into standard SAP. It must never be the other way around.

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  • SAP User Training/Smart Learning

    To succeed with SAP in your organization, training of the employees is vital. The basic must be taught to all and in addition the specific requirements for each job function must be tailored to match your business processes. Our SAP experts knows how to easily and effectively teach the basics and design programs to match your business needs.

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