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SAP Scripts

Your portfolio of maintenance software tools and SAP can be optimized to work in better collaboration by adapting either one with customized scripts that effectuates otherwise manual work. LSWM, ABAP and other tools can ensure mass upload functions etc. and other software can link to SAP transactions and give initial data input.

Our software engineers knows how to get it done.

System landscapes often gets too messy and the overlap between several system is unnecessary. Some even does the exact same thing. By clearing out of those overlapping and duplicate system and connecting the ones possible into your governing system, SAP, you will get the most out of your system intelligently.

We know how to configure and connect the dots between software and make sure your time wasted in an overwhelming systems landscape is minimized. Most maintenance workers does not embrace the time spent in systems and their skills is most effective when used practical at the equipment. We know to set up the solution you need to free up time for the employees at the office and in the field.