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SAP User Training/Smart Learning

SAP User Training/Smart Learning

To succeed with SAP in your organization, training of the employees is vital. The basic must be taught to all and in addition the specific requirements for each job function must be tailored to match your business processes. Our SAP experts knows how to easily and effectively teach the basics and design programs to match your business needs.

All of our training program kick-offs with an analysis of your needs and as-is SAP user level to define the best suited training and SAP educational program for your organization and the different personnel groups. We tailor our sessions to match the job function the participants executes. There is no need to get into a SAP maintenance plan specific details for a person in the purchasing and logistic department.

Typical subjects to include in a SAP training program:

  • Technical object structure understanding
  • Usage and understanding of functional locations, equipment and material numbers
  • Maintenance plan, item and task list usage, structure and possibilities
  • Workflows
  • Logistics
  • Notifications and failure reporting
  • Work order handling
  • Report functions and data pulls
  • Transaction tips & tricks

Like our Maintenance Training & Education our SAP training program is also set up to consist of 3 modules:

  1. Introduction and homework
  2. Live sessions modules
  3. Aftermath actions

We ensure that the participant is ready and prepared before the live sessions. The live sessions will consist of educational content and practical training content. This ensures that the employees understands the purpose of the system actions he or she carry out. The aftermath actions could be follow-up session based on initial KPI’s or data review and the creating of supporting material such as one-pager guideline portfolios and videos.

Affiliated Service:
  • Maintenance Training & Education

    To get the most out of your maintenance strategy, all aspects of your maintenance organization must be used correctly and understood. Theoretical maintenance knowledge is needed for optimal communication and understanding of why your CMMS is set-up the way it is are essential. Our tailored programs aligns your employees.

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