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SAP Workflow/Process Optimization

SAP Workflow/Process Optimization

Efficient data processing in SAP has to correspond to the real-life business actions your organization does and should be supported by well-defined processes and workflow responsibilities in the SAP system. We have the expertise to adapt and optimize your business into standard SAP. It must never be the other way around.

To be effective in implementing the correct workflows and processes for your business in SAP you must carry out 2 main steps:

  1. Map and define the processes your business execute that are to be supported by SAP. This includes a comprehensive map of employee roles and responsibilities in each step of each process.
  2. Configure the processes into SAP workflow and thereby let the system support each employee in doing the right things in the right order.

It is important to emphasize that step 1 also includes key employees that has practical experience with each of the given processes your organization intends to implement. This secures that valuable information is implemented into the system and the employee will take greater ownership. To often the end-user has not been taken into account and that will result in an ineffective workflow and process.

The main rule is to implement your business’ way of work into SAP and not the other way around.