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Fit for Purpose Management

Fit for Purpose Management

The benefits of quality assurring your job preparation are significant and will save time and availability when on site for the execution. Our skilled technician has an eye for the details and knows which parts and tools must be available in fit condition.

Most of our maintenance execution jobs starts away from the actual job site. We always emphasize the need for Fit for Purpose Management before any job execution. Our experience has shown, that in most cases unnecessary delays and thereby also down time for equipment can be avoided by inspecting all spare parts needed for the specific job, tool condition and capability. We plan with care and try to foresee the jobs with a plan A, B and C and its correlated risks.

This is done by the following steps:

  • Ensure as-built and validated documentation in order to quality assure the ordered spare parts and tooling
  • Review possible historical similar jobs, to ensure that no previous learnings is missed
  • Check that the qty. of spare parts is correctly ordered and account for extra consumables
  • Check with the logistic department to guarantee that all spare parts and tooling is readily available for job
  • Maintenance Execution  within estimated time-frame

This service is the corner stone for great and reliability increasing job execution.