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Material Classification & Codification

Material Classification & Codification

When preparing spare parts the correct data structure and information must be readily available to ensure correct handling and application of the spare part for your equipment. This is ensured by our broad industry and equipment knowledge.

We have conducted several assignments to ensure the registration of the right data on spare parts in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, CMMS. This is an often overlooked, but crucial process to assure the correct value of stock, availability of spares and it reduces time-loss.

In many of our codification projects we combine a spare part obsolescence review, where technical documentation and physical inspection of the equipment sets the basis for scrapping and re-selling obsolete spares. This often improve the capital bound in warehouse stock significantly and will release an economic potential that is often forgotten.

We always comply with client governance and follow the process and procedure for data implementation. It should always be in relation and useful to the purchasing department and technical staff, not just one of them.

Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to take your material data to the next level by setting up a classification system that matches your equipment and tooling. It must be dictated by you and not the CMMS. Correctly assigned material classification allows your organization to make significantly scalable decisions and center the optimization around the classification and not a group of similar materials.