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Spare Part Preservation

Spare Part Preservation

Stock spares and equipment set for stand by for a longer period of time risks to be unfit to fulfill its function when needed. Therefor proper handling is needed to ensure accountable availability and expected shelf life.

The skilled technicians and engineers at Juel + Krøyer have many years of experience within the handling of mechanical equipment. Our expertise lies within complex major rotating units, but we also have vast experience within piping, spools, valves, cranes, rails and more.

We offer professional advisory and practical handling of your critical equipment. We ensure to create a reliable stand by and preservation solution for your equipment on stock or at site in order to increase and have trust in equipment availability.

Our service comprises:

  • Planning of complex preservation jobs in client systems
  • Maturing and scoping
  • Prepare consumables and tooling for equipment handling
  • Special tooling fit for use
  • Equipment protection, i.e. from corrosion, moist, mechanical interval turning or correct positional storage etc.
  • OEM coordination
  • Plan for equipment standby inspections

Such services are especially relevant for offshore installations where the environment has a great degrading impact for most equipment but is suitable for all critical equipment which must be fit for usage when needed regardless of the industry.