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Stock & Spare Part Optimization

Stock & Spare Part Optimization

A well founded stock and spare part strategy is a must have in order to obtain the best possible maintainability of your assets. Our equipment and process knowledge assesses the criticality of the equipment in its content and concludes the needed mitigation strategy.

We have a proven method that will increase the reliability and availability of your assets, by assuring you have the correct qty. of spare parts ready and fit for purpose when you need them. Furthermore, the maintainability of the equipment will improve.

We analyze your assets or systems in its full operational context and assesses the following subjects:

  • Spare parts used for planned maintenance
  • Equipment criticality mapping
  • Capital spare parts and assemblies
  • 1:1 necessity
  • Lead time
  • Redundancy
  • Equipment relations in the maintenance management system
  • Spare part identification data and sort out duplicates
  • Client existing spare part strategies, if available
  • Item value
  • Obsolescence

By going through the subjects above it most often also will improve the capital bound in warehouse stock significantly and will release an economic potential. You will know how many of each item there is installed throughout your asset fleet. Our method enables maintenance organizations to shift from a spare part strategy based on experience or gut feeling to a well-founded data and criticality-based strategy, which creates reliability and trust throughout the entire organization.

A Stock & Spare Part Optimization project can reach its full potential by combining it with a more comprehensive approach from our JK FMECA Methodology ™ and Supply Chain Advisory.

Affiliated Services:
  • RCM/FMECA Execution & Facilitation

    Efficient and reliability improving maintenance strategies is based on a proper RCM approach that is prepared and facilitated to match your maintenance organization. Thousand of hours of experience and expertise within RCM studies and FMECA facilitation will assist your RCM journey to be long term success.

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  • Supply Chain Advisory

    Availability of your assets and individual equipment can be increased by analyzing the supply chain logistics. Our great experience in job preparing both onshore and offshore can point out optimization possibilities for your supply chain.

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