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Supply Chain Advisory

Supply Chain Advisory

Availability of your assets and individual equipment can be increased by analyzing the supply chain logistics. Our great experience in job preparing both onshore and offshore can point out optimization possibilities for your supply chain.

Our team of engineers, technicians and office expediters offers the complete package within logistic optimization and advisory to your maintenance operations. They cover subjects such as:

  • Spare parts and tools assurance
  • Crew transferring
  • Logistic workflows to match your operation
  • Practical item handling
  • Job relations
  • Internal and external services

Your supply chain must fit your business and not the other way around to be as effective as possible. Time waste in many aspects of the organization and down time of your assets can be significantly reduced by having the correct logistic supply chain.

We offer the full As-Is analysis of your existing set-up and creates together with you the scope of work that are most beneficial. The supply chain system implementation and optimization can't stand alone. Your employees must drive and understand the processes. A combination of our service Training of Technical Staff  will give your full customized set-up which is fully supported by the employee.