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LCC Analysis

LCC Analysis

Our analysis approach will give you the overview of your existing assets as-is cost situation, investing in new, modification of old or a combination. This will map all given scenarios and assist your organization in making the right long-term decisions.

We combine our highly skilled engineering and technical personal to create the perfect analytic team to assess your asset and define what the Lifecycle Costs will be in given scenarios relevant for your business. The analysis can be conducted for existing assets or newly acquired.

In general, we conduct the analysis by the following approach:

  1. True cost of the acquiring and commission of the asset
  2. Map the existing or expected known maintenance costs and operational profile by operating the asset as-is.
  3. Apply our knowledge of what equipment or systems that is industry and historically expected to be modified or replaced over time. This also include preliminary modification cost estimations
  4. Define future new maintenance operating costs and operational profile
  5. Define operating options or scenarios to compare LCC risk and cost/benefit scenarios of the analysis
  6. Conclude the analysis in a report that comprehends: Executive summary, method and uncertainties, data & results, pros & cons.

The report will give you the financial overview of the lifetime of your asset and can provide with strategical information for future operations, which can set the foundation for a data and evidence based capital investment.