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Mature Asset Assessment

Mature Asset Assessment

Your assets must withstand the evolvement over time in your industry. Our services will assist you in mapping the gabs of everything from legislation to operating demands, in order to map compliance needs and fit for purpose equipment. Providing reliability for mature assets.

The world is changing as fast as ever seen before and therefore it is necessary to prepare strategic measures for assets to ensure safe and reliable operation in accordance with legislation and compliance.

Our assessment consists these key points in asset operations:

  • Legislation and regulatory demands
  • Change in operational and risk profiles
  • Business governance compliance
  • Quality compliance
  • Validation of implemented maintenance strategies
  • Spare part criticality and obsolescence
  • Physical equipment inspections
  • Possible asset modifications

Based on the above and the gabs identified we deliver the framework and project plan for your organization to execute. We are always available to stand by such process and provide further advisory or even a full project team to handle the project execution.   

Affiliated Service:
  • Legislation & Compliance Management

    The required governing documents needed for your organization to comply with ISO standards, legislation etc. can be a tangle. We offer advise and assistance in constructing those policies, standards, strategies and other documents to free time for you to focus on the operation.

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