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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Being able to analysis equipment failures and prevent them from re-occurring is essential for creating reliability for your assets. A simple and easy to use method and approach must be implemented to fit your maintenance organization to enable a manageable feedback loop. We have the tools to assist you in being more reliable tomorrow.

Getting to root cause of any equipment or organizational issue, can be a demanding and comprehensive analytic task. However, the framework and delegation of the steps in a Root Cause Analysis, RCA, approach is not. Your Operational Maintenance Processes must be set-up and designed to support this function in your organization and box it in for the employees. The most difficult part of achieving an environment where this approach comes natural and effective is due the often-fast-moving everyday work that changes due to assets abnormalities. One word describes the mindset and culture your organization and employees need to obtain and that is Curiosity. A simple RCA approach could be set up to be:

  • Align correct failure mode and failure cause data for your asset in the maintenance management system
  • Train your employees to use these
  • Depending on equipment classification, criticality and failure mode – cases will be selected to conduct meetings about, where curiosity is in focus. The 5 x why approach is easy and effective.
  • If needed create an investigation and action plan on the subject
  • Ensure similar equipment that has the failure mode probability is mitigated

Our skills within Operational Maintenance Processes, Maintenance Training & Education, Master Data Management and Maintenance Management System Development ensures that we can provide your organization with increasing reliability.  

Affiliated Services:
  • Operational Maintenance Processes

    To succeed in having your operational aspect of the organizations maintenance management system working for you. The actual work processes and flows must be implemented in the system to support the technicians in the field and the back office for being able to conduct continuous improvement.

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  • Maintenance Training & Education

    To get the most out of your maintenance strategy, all aspects of your maintenance organization must be used correctly and understood. Theoretical maintenance knowledge is needed for optimal communication and understanding of why your CMMS is set-up the way it is are essential. Our tailored programs aligns your employees.

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  • Master Data Management

    The struggle with data quality and master data governance are many and time wasted on data sorting is large. Juel + Krøyer’s 3C’s™ approach (Create, Change & Control) has been developed to ensure that your data will be ready to assist your organization in making the right trustworthy scalable decisions.

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  • Maintenance Management System Development

    The key to becoming a High Reliability Organization is a well set-up maintenance management system. It is centered around the concept of PLAN-DO WORK-CHECK-ACT combined with a roles and responsibility map that is understood by everyone and covers your business.

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