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Asset Management by Contract

Asset Management by Contract

JK Maintenance Management™ is our full-service concept to you. We bring you world class maintenance at low capital investment. We implement a state-of-the-art maintenance management system and monitor your equipment 24/7-365 – so you can focus on taking care of your business.

There is no need to invest in expensive software and ‘empty’ licenses, we host your maintenance management software an ensure its constant functionality and availability. We provide it all for you at a monthly fee.

Juel + Krøyer Maintenance Management, JKMM, is an operational full-service business partner in the field of maintenance and technical asset management. JKMM handles all operational activities within maintenance and asset management on behalf of the customer. This allows the customer to focus on its primary value creation while having reliability, availability and asset compliance on hand, as a continuous service.

JKMM run the asset and maintenance operations in a system landscape of software solutions and business processes also provided by JKMM. The setup allows for complete integration with the organizational structure of the customer and is tailored to meet individual requirements.

JKMM is world-class maintenance and asset management- made available by contract.

The Package

Your world class maintenance setup is based on our Maintenance Environment™ methodology – a pragmatic approach to implement a maintenance management system.

We review and quality assure your technical documentation and provide a digital version of it, directly available to you via a web-based interface – on your tablet of PC.

We run SAP and construct the asset structure in SAP PM and manage spare parts in SAP MM.

We analyze your equipment using our JK FMECA™ method to create a customized maintenance management system matched 100% to your requirements and equipment.

Install sensors (where needed) and link it directly to our historian server for collection and monitoring. Operational and performance data is used to monitor the condition of Your equipment and to call the required preventive maintenance activity.

We can execute maintenance and overhaul activities for you.

We can manage logistics and stock activities for you, and there through significantly lower the value ‘bound’ in your warehouse.

The Value

In short, we give You:

  • A complete maintenance management system.
  • All software and support.
  • 24/7-365 condition monitoring
  • Planning and execution of jobs.
  • Purchasing, storage and sub-contractor management.
  • All brought to You based on validated expert maintenance knowledge!
  • Increased production up-time
  • Higher reliability
  • Lower costs!

We take the service and asset management to the next level. Where unforeseen failures are a thing of the past! Our service within Asset Management by Contract, can be divided into 3 levels, where level 1 is the complete Asset Management Package:

Level 1

By selecting level 1, a tailored solution is delivered to you where everything is handled by Juel + Krøyer for you to focus on optimizing and scaling your business and achieve reliable up time at a fixed cost.

We deliver the following subjects and values with the state-of-the-art Level 1 Maintenance Management by Contract package:

Maintenance Environment™

  • A full Maintenance Environment project is delivered and implemented in JKMM's operative systems.

This includes:

  • Technical Documentation management including a web-based interface for customer
  • Asset data modelling in J&K MM CMMS, SAP PM
  • Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) to assure the correct maintenance strategies and activities are implemented
  • Maintenance Plans, Preventive Calendar based and Performance
  • Pre-prepared corrective Task Lists


Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

  • All maintenance related activities are continuously planned and scheduled using JKMM CMMS. Work orders issued are monitored and completion is managed in accordance with procedures.
  • 24/7-365 Condition Monitoring of Assets
  • Cost Management and Controlling
  • Quality Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Reliability Analysis & Improvement
  • Benchmarking


Work Execution

  • JKMM performs maintenance and service jobs.
  • Our technicians delivers personnel at competitive prices.
  • Sub-contractors are managed and quality assured, working under instruction from Our personnel.
  • Findings and recommendations are implemented in the system, to ensure continuous improvement and optimization.


Supply Chain

  • JKMM purchases and stores the operational and security spares.
  • This gives you access to group discounts.
  • The required stock level will be lowered.
  • Reduced personnel requirements.
  • Higher availability of spares.
  • Access to a nationwide live warehouse status.


Level 2

Service Level 2 includes Level 1, but either Work Execution or Supply Chain is de-selected. Please observe, that this will affect the execution of:

  • Competency Management – reduced functionality
  • Warranty Management – no service
  • Compliance Management – no service
  • Cost Controlling – reduced functionality

The Level 2 service is for companies that have their own maintenance team and wishes to have that team execute the maintenance and service tasks, using own personnel, tools and contractors.

It is important, that the team conducts tasks as instructed in the work orders and do the reporting required.

Level 3

Service Level 3 is the most reduced option. In this, both Work Execution and Supply Chain are de-selected Please observe, that this will affect the execution of:

  • Competency Management – reduced functionality
  • Warranty Management – no service
  • Compliance Management – no service
  • Cost Controlling – reduced Functionality

The Level 3 service is for companies that have their own maintenance team and wishes to have that team execute the maintenance and service tasks, using own personnel, tools and contractors. Company also commits to purchase/deliver spares and consumables using own logistic chain and warehouse.

Affiliated Services:
  • As-built Technical Documentation

    Reduce your time spend on the search for and increase the trust towards your technical documentation by choosing a solution that will ensure a complete as-built mapping of your assets. Juel + Krøyer has the technical expertise to conduct line walks, regardless of the industry, and the digitalizing knowledge to implement the solution efficiently.

    Learn more
  • Asset Register - As-built Techincal Hierarchy

    The backbone of any maintenance management system is the asset register. To ensure everything from cost transparency between asset types and systems to equipment failure analysis. The as-built technical hierarchy in the system must be aligned with the physical installed assets – creating a simple easy to use digital twin.

    Learn more
  • Stock & Spare Part Optimization

    A well founded stock and spare part strategy is a must have in order to obtain the best possible maintainability of your assets. Our equipment and process knowledge assesses the criticality of the equipment in its content and concludes the needed mitigation strategy.

    Learn more
  • Supply Chain Advisory

    Availability of your assets and individual equipment can be increased by analyzing the supply chain logistics. Our great experience in job preparing both onshore and offshore can point out optimization possibilities for your supply chain.

    Learn more
  • Material Classification & Codification

    When preparing spare parts the correct data structure and information must be readily available to ensure correct handling and application of the spare part for your equipment. This is ensured by our broad industry and equipment knowledge.

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  • Service Support 24/7

    When your assets are in a reactive and turbulent state - your time will be fully occupied. We are there for you to make sure all other aspects around your maintenance function are in steady state. We are fully dedicated to support you 24/7 and do everything within our power to ensure that you have a peace in mind.

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  • Maintenance Execution

    Our maintenance execution begins at the office preparing everything in detail. Our technicians and engineers work closely together to prepare the job and ensure that spare parts are fully available in fit condition, along with documentation and tooling. We deliver within time and budget.

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  • RCM/FMECA Execution & Facilitation

    Efficient and reliability improving maintenance strategies is based on a proper RCM approach that is prepared and facilitated to match your maintenance organization. Thousand of hours of experience and expertise within RCM studies and FMECA facilitation will assist your RCM journey to be long term success.

    Learn more
  • Maintenance Strategy Implementation

    To ensure a manageable feedback loop and transparent maintenance strategy set-up, it must be implemented in the CMMS in compliance with practical maintenance work procedure and the assets operational profiles. Our combination of theoretical and practical maintenance expertise ensures an efficient implementation.

    Learn more
  • Maintenance Training & Education

    To get the most out of your maintenance strategy, all aspects of your maintenance organization must be used correctly and understood. Theoretical maintenance knowledge is needed for optimal communication and understanding of why your CMMS is set-up the way it is are essential. Our tailored programs aligns your employees.

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  • Training of Technical Staff

    Your maintenance technicians will be able to reach the next level regardless of experience by attending our tailored training session within major rotating equipment. It is combined with reliability improving fundamentals to ensure optimizations tomorrow.

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  • Governance & Standardization

    Your master data can do more harm than good if not managed properly. This comprehends a governance and standardization set-up to box in your data for it to assist your business and being relevant. Your master data describing document portfolio must ensure correct creation, change and control of master data.

    Learn more
  • Servitization

    When you need us, we are there. There will be no quick implementation and leaving your organization to yourself. We provide the full package to all of our services and will advise for the benefit of your organization and be your most trusted maintenance service provider and advisor.

    Learn more
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