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Lifecycle Asset Management

Lifecycle Asset Management

A cradle-to-cradle approach to your Technical Asset Management and the clarity of a lifecycle view can be difficult to comprehend. Our highly skilled advisors and back office engineers offers the full palette in managing assets from design and commissioning to modifications and maintaining and at the end decommissioning.

The phases an asset undergoes throughout its lifetime I often managed in silos, where the concern for the impact one phase inflicts on the other is not accounted for. When addressing the aspect of Lifecycle Asset Management, the total cost of ownership for the entire asset lifecycle must be taken into account. The phases of the lifecycle starts when a need originates, and an organization start to consider how they can provide that product or service and it ends with the disposal and decommissioning of the asset.

The phases and asset undergo is:

  • Start of life, the concept is conceived
  • Design and development
  • Build, construct or procure
  • Installation, commissioning and mechanical completion
  • Operate and maintain
  • Disposal and decommissioning

We offer Project Management and advisory within the early phases of the lifecycle to the construction phase. During the installation, our broad expertise among Commissioning and Mechanical Completion provides proven value to secure a successful transition to operation and maintenance phase. During the often long period of operational time for the asset, we can provide the needed service to your organization and achieve reliable uptime during the entire period. Our skilled project managers and engineers completes the circle by applying their many year of experience with large oil and gas project to last, but also very important phase, disposal and decommission. Check out the affiliated services for more information.    

Affiliated Services:
  • Project Management

    If in need of temporary skilled personnel to manage projects of all sizes and complexity, we have the candidate ready to support your organization. Our teams have vast experience in handling on-site and back-office projects and is ready to deliver in order for you to reach your goals faster.

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  • Commissioning

    The handover of an asset from the constructor to your organization is essential to occur within agreements and to match your business operation for future reliability. Our technical team can support the process and free your time when a large number of crucial tasks bundle together upon project closures.

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  • Mechanical Completion

    In the terms of Juel + Krøyer, Mechanical Completion, is when the commissioning of your asset is in place, the engineering specification is validated, the asset has been properly handed over to the operation and it has been verified that the asset can fulfill its function. We ensures that the asset is reliable from day 0.

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