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Maintenance Management System Development

Maintenance Management System Development

The key to becoming a High Reliability Organization is a well set-up maintenance management system. It is centered around the concept of PLAN-DO WORK-CHECK-ACT combined with a roles and responsibility map that is understood by everyone and covers your business.

Our Technical Asset Management Advisors are ready to tailor a system that fits your needs.

The essential approach to your Maintenance Management System design and development, is to ensure that it must fit your way of work and business. Most organization fail to achieve their full potential by implicit letting their business and work processes be affected and sometimes dictated by the standard functions in the Maintenance Management System.

Before re-designing or purchasing any Maintenance Management Systems or ERP systems in general it is important to go through the following subjects in order to define the needed input to the system:

  • Roles & Responsibilities in your maintenance organization
  • Maintenance workflows – Processes & Procedures
  • How can the system comply with your organizations maintenance strategies and show a transparent set-up that align with your maintenance planning?
  • How does your risk management, management of change processes and compliance support the system and the maintenance planning?
  • How is the maintenance execution managed in the system and how do we ensure effective short-term and long-term planning?
  • Can the system differentiate between your assets types/classes and assign proper failure codes and causes?
  • How do your organization effectively benchmark the maintenance performance and ensure that reliability analyses are accounted for?
  • Can the system support the closure of feedback loops and continuous improvement measures?

We have the expertise to do an effective As-Is analysis of your maintenance organization and the departments affected around your Asset Management to ensure a well designed To-Be scope of work for your Maintenance Management System Development. The service we provide can consist of advisory and project management assistance to your organization or a full executing project team and implementation of a new optimized system, that will increase reliability of your assets and effectiveness in your organization. We ensure to include key personnel and conduct a customized training and education plan to brand your organization as a High Reliability Organization.

Affiliated Services:
  • Operational Maintenance Processes

    To succeed in having your operational aspect of the organizations maintenance management system working for you. The actual work processes and flows must be implemented in the system to support the technicians in the field and the back office for being able to conduct continuous improvement.

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  • Maintenance Training & Education

    To get the most out of your maintenance strategy, all aspects of your maintenance organization must be used correctly and understood. Theoretical maintenance knowledge is needed for optimal communication and understanding of why your CMMS is set-up the way it is are essential. Our tailored programs aligns your employees.

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