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Operational Maintenance Processes

Operational Maintenance Processes

To succeed in having your operational aspect of the organizations maintenance management system working for you. The actual work processes and flows must be implemented in the system to support the technicians in the field and the back office for being able to conduct continuous improvement.

We have the expertise from the field and system configurations skills to assists you.

Maintenance workflows and processes is often described in documents but rarely defined in the system to support the employees in their everyday work. To be fully successful and effective in processing maintenance execution, failure reporting, planning, data changes etc. many of the following subjects are to be defined in your Maintenance Management System:

  • Roles & Responsibilities in each of the processes and procedures
  • Apply assets owners for approval steps in the processes
  • Configuration of each process and workflow in the system to match your way of work in field and in the office
  • Map of competency levels of the executing maintenance personnel to optimize the planning and resource availability
  • Align governing document and system processes and actual way of work in the everyday work execution of your organization

We have the experience from various clients to create the governing documents needed or adjust to your operational workflow and implement it in the maintenance management system. We can assist or take full charge in mapping and analyzing the subjects above in order to get the most optimum system implementation, which will drive your organizations Operation Maintenance Processes to the next level and increase your asset reliability.

Affiliated Service:
  • Maintenance Management System Development

    The key to becoming a High Reliability Organization is a well set-up maintenance management system. It is centered around the concept of PLAN-DO WORK-CHECK-ACT combined with a roles and responsibility map that is understood by everyone and covers your business.

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