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Organisational Asset Management Analysis

Organisational Asset Management Analysis

Your Technical Asset Management systems must fit your organizations way of work and common goals, not the other way around. We conduct an effective as-is analysis of your system and together with you we set the to-be changes and goals.

Asset Management is much more than securing that the technical design and installations of your business lives up to compliance, legislation and stake holder concerns. Asset Management is about creating reliability for your assets, for your processes, work environment, training and education of your personnel, but most of all set common understandable goals that the organization truly works together to achieve – every person must be onboard to release the full potential for your organization to become a High Reliability Organization.

The Basics of Assets Management:

These activities are however more about managing the assets itself, not the entire business, which is the true meaning of Asset Management. This is by far more complex and demands a great effort and clear communication from the organization. The ISO 55000 standard defines Asset Management as 'coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets'. Value is the key term and is most likely to be delivered by your employees. This is done by securing your employee training/education, information management and data processing.

Our expert Technical Asset Management advisors has experience from a vast number of clients in various industries and have therefor seen most scenarios to give you the perspectives needed for you to take the best possible decision for your business. We will together with you create a Strategic Asset Management Plan and set the new standards for your business for a possible ISO 55000 certification.

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