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360˚ Virtual Tour

360˚ Virtual Tour

When clear visual representation of your inaccessible assets is needed in order to communicate and align tasks centered around critical equipment. The JK 360˚ Virtual Tour ™ is the solution for you. It is interactive and interactable with other maintenance management systems, such as SAP.

Our 360˚ model of your assets will provide a computerized virtual tour that is presented in real life images and made interactive with your maintenance management system. It is built to make your everyday work life more effective and it sets a platform for better communication and planning of your inaccessible assets, such as operational critical enclosed gas turbines drivers.

The process of creating the 360˚ Virtual Tour consist of the following steps:

  • Back-office preparations

We make sure every aspect of the unit and model is accounted for in advance.

  • On-site execution

All we need from you, is that the unit is accessible for us to photograph the 360˚ images. We have the personnel and equipment to handle both offshore and onshore units.

  • Virtual Tour Build

At our office we compile all the images through our Virtual Tour Software and create the ground floor drawing of your unit to make the navigation even easier.

  • Interactive Element

The model is mapped with all relevant object of the units major and sub equipment and is linked to fit your needs and match your maintenance software road-map.

  • Implementation

The model is made accessible in your already existing systems or by one of our documentation software solutions if additionally chosen.

This product fits in perfect harmony with our As-Built Technical Hierarchy and Documentation Interfaces services and solutions. Browse our product gallery for visual presentation.  

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  • Documentation Interfaces

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