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Asset Register - As-built Techincal Hierarchy

Asset Register - As-built Techincal Hierarchy

The backbone of any maintenance management system is the asset register. To ensure everything from cost transparency between asset types and systems to equipment failure analysis. The as-built technical hierarchy in the system must be aligned with the physical installed assets – creating a simple easy to use digital twin.

The As-built Technical Documentation sets the basis for the asset register in any computerized maintenance management system, CMMS. The asset register will be constructed in superior and subordinate levels, to give a clear understanding of the functions of the assets only by viewing a 2D as-built technical hierarchy = Your CMMS Digital Twin.

It is built through a well-planned and thorough inspection of the physical installation where the P&IDs and documentation is reviewed to create a validated digital model and alignment of equipment relations in the technical hierarchy. It consists typically of technical objects such as functional locations, equipment numbers, material numbers, assemblies, system dividers and more along with Master Data Management.

The technical hierarchy is the backbone for multiple business value propositions:

  • Asset financials and cost transparency
  • Maintenance & compliance (Corrective/Preventive, failure data, spare part usage etc.)
  • Documentation relations
  • Spare part strategies
  • Secure trust towards the CMMS
  • Cross asset optimizations
  • Set the foundation for and enables good data quality

In brief: If your organization wants to be effective in optimizing your operation/process, planning, maintenance overall, failure reporting and collect trustworthy asset historical data – As-built Technical Hierarchy is were you start your journey. It enables scalable business optimization decisions for all your assets and sets the foundation for machine learning and AI possibilities.

Affiliated Services:
  • As-built Technical Documentation

    Reduce your time spend on the search for and increase the trust towards your technical documentation by choosing a solution that will ensure a complete as-built mapping of your assets. Juel + Krøyer has the technical expertise to conduct line walks, regardless of the industry, and the digitalizing knowledge to implement the solution efficiently.

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  • Master Data Management

    The struggle with data quality and master data governance are many and time wasted on data sorting is large. Juel + Krøyer’s 3C’s™ approach (Create, Change & Control) has been developed to ensure that your data will be ready to assist your organization in making the right trustworthy scalable decisions.

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Did You know that:

A modern drilling rig has +70.000 system and equipment references.