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Documentation Interfaces

Documentation Interfaces

In critical and stressed scenarios where the right technical documentation is needed immediately. Our Intuitive Documentation Interfaces is constructed to ensure fast navigation and save time in the job planning phase. The solution integrates fully with any existing documentation management system.

We provide solutions that will match your needs, and we always conduct an assessment of your existing set-up to advise the best fitted solution. We have the digital and technical experts to create a full customized solution to match complex asset management, or the easy to implement semi-customized documentation add-ins to your existing systems.

Additionally, we provide the JK Search Engine, to do cross systems search. This search engine is built on the same science as Google and can be used to find information about any component in any of our clients’ systems, whether it is SAP, Intranet or in documentation management systems (PIMS, ProArc, Meridian, KOMPAS etc.).

Together with an As-built Technical Documentation solution, the benefits to your maintenance organization will be:

  • Reduced search time for spare part numbers and other technical info by a minimum of 25%
  • Increase the trust towards the technical documentation
  • Reduce the risk of ordering the wrong spare parts and thereby delaying critical job down time
  • Reduce frustration when using technical documentation and free time for further optimizations
  • Easy to use, where no or only little training is needed to master the solution

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Affiliated Service:
  • As-built Technical Documentation

    Reduce your time spend on the search for and increase the trust towards your technical documentation by choosing a solution that will ensure a complete as-built mapping of your assets. Juel + Krøyer has the technical expertise to conduct line walks, regardless of the industry, and the digitalizing knowledge to implement the solution efficiently.

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