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Project Documentation Management

Project Documentation Management

Tight schedules and operational pressure to complete the construction of new assets or systems often results in that the technical documentation gets neglected. Our services and maintenance knowledge can assist your project organization in managing the documentation and ensure sufficient hand-over to the operation.

When the commissioning of new assets has been completed, they must be fit for operation in the designed context where they have been installed. That comprehends more than ensuring that equipment or asset mechanical function is according to design specification. It consists of the following in order to be fit for operation and ensure the expected availability and reliability of your organization’s new investment:

  • Validated as-built documentation and ensuring the delivered documentation matches the contract and general legislation
  • Data implemented in Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Maintenance program ready to lunch from the first day of operation and in accordance with compliance and expected failure mode scenarios
  • Spare parts stocked to match expected planned maintenance and critical elements of the asset
  • Software back-ups
  • Test certificates
  • Material certificates

This sets high quality demands to your organization and contractors to ensure it all is delivered in time for your project organization to implement the above and be ready for first day of operation. This is often a struggle up upon deadlines and can easily be overlooked and forgotten, because it seems not to be important now. But it is and it will result in down time, which could have been avoided.
Let us take care of your project documentation management, and enable a smooth transition for the asset investment from the project to operational environment, which will ensure the most optimum reliability and availability.

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